Summerhill Granola

Summerhill Granola
Summerhill Granola

This is a wheat free breakfast cereal, with no added salt or sugar (although honey is a form of sugar). Once you've tried it, commercial breakfast cereals don't quite cut the mustard.


Jumbo oat flakes

Rye flakes    

Pearl Barley flakes

Sunflower seeds

Flaked almonds

Dried Cranberries

Organic Sunflower Oil




Put the flakes and seeds into a large, shallow tray to a depth of  about ½” (1cm)
Put this under a moderate grill or in the top of a hot oven until the flakes just begin to colour.
Add the Almonds and cook for another 10 minuites or so, until they turn pale brown.
Put the Cranberries into the mixture
Put equal amounts of honey and sunflower oil into a large pan and heat until amalgamated - don't let it boil and burn. As a rough guide, half a 350 gm jar of honey and the same amount of oil, will be the right amount for a 35 cm x 44 cm grill pan. 
Turn the dry ingredients into the hot oil / honey and stir.  The right amount of liquid will coat the mixture so that it is not too dry and not too sticky. 
Put the mixture back into the baking tray and heat for 4 minutes. The granola will set and become crunchy when its cold
Spoon into an airtight container.


I use the grill pan from the oven and put a silicone liner in this. 
You can add what ever you want and play with the ratios of each. I use more oats than Rye and Barley flakes. Sometimes I use pumpkin or sesame seeds. Sultana's or dried apricots can be used in place of cranberries.
You can use other oils, I like organic sunflower as its light, but have used avocado oil etc.