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Summerhill Treacle Bread

Treacle Bread

A very tasty, moist bread that is quick to make with only one proving.

You'll need a Kenwood mixer with a dough hook, or a similar machine as it's a very wet dough and not suitable for making by hand.


    2 lbs brown strong plain flour
    1 oz dried yeast, or 2oz fresh ( I use  2 level tblsp Allisons Active dried yeast)
    1 ¼ pints warm water
    2 tblspoons black treacle
    ½ oz salt
    3 oz cracked wheat or sunflower seeds


    Put the water into a mixing bowl and add the treacle and yeast.
    Leave for about 10 minutes until its frothy.
    Add flour, cracked wheat and salt
    Mix well with the dough hook.
    Oil  3 x 1lb loaf tins and divide the mixture between them
    Dampen one hand and flatten roughly
    Sprinkle with sunflower seeds if using.
    Leave to rise until the dough is just above the top of the tin
    Bake  6 / 400 for  20 -  30 mins
    Turn out of the tin and bake  for a further 5 minutes on a wire rack


Flour - I use Dove's Farm or Marriages, both Organic. I play around with the quantity of white flour - sometimes putting in as much as 50%, sometimes none. If you're on a no-wheat diet, it works equally well with Spelt Flour (Doves Farm).

Seeds - I use either cracked wheat or sunflower seeds for the mix and often put sunflower seeds on the top for extra taste.

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